It’s a project that’s in tune with our era and a result of the partnership between a leading French optronics company and an American YouTuber: an order for over 50 rifle scopes.

Elynxo is the name! Elynxo has stood out for 35 years because of its level of excellence and its capacity for innovation in the field of optronics (systems that combine optics and electronics). With over 25 countries using its products, it now asserts itself on a global scale.

With 80% of production carried out in France, from precision machining to complex assembly, all the way to the maintenance of its wide range of products (Virtuose Binoculars, sighting scopes, laser housings, etc.), Elynxo meets the needs of the defense, security, industry, and even optical sports sectors, thanks to expertise that blends precision and performance.

Precision and performance… these are the common points that bring TMT into this project: a logistical and regulatory challenge.

TMT’s approach to advice, proximity, and support were the determining factors in the realization of this project. A meticulous regulatory study, the management of customs procedures (export licenses, etc.), and the synergy of the TMT France and USA teams ensure the smooth operation of the project.

The transport project in details:

•          The pick-up of goods by TMT by truck from Elynxo warehouse (Les Ulis – France), consisting of 1 pallet of over 50 sighting scopes.

•          Transportation by road to Roissy CDG airport and preparation for air shipment to Houston (USA).

•          A TMT USA team on the ground for: reception, management of customs clearance, and individual repackaging for deliveries to 50 private addresses across the United States.

All deliveries ensured, products intact, and customers satisfied!

A successful operation that perfectly meets Elynxo’s development objectives in the civilian market.

We thank all Elynxo teams for their trust, and salute Mr. Etienne Preiss, (Marketing and Communication Manager), for his availability and his contribution to the creation of this newsletter.

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