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VINEXPO Bordeaux, France
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Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax

Reform Act of 2017 (CBMA) Webinar
April 2019


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Wine and spirit exportations rules     

The export as the import of wines and spirits in the USA imposes the respect 
for a very precise regulations stemming from the prohibition.

Several federal Boards have for mission to ensure the 
integrity of those engaged in the alcohol beverage industry :

TTB (Alcohol and Tabacco Tax and Trade Bureau)
The TTB provides for regulation of those engaged 
in the alcohol beverage ndustry, and for protection of consumers. 
Its mission is to collect Federal excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco, 
firearms, and ammunition and to assure compliance with 
Federal tobacco permitting and alcohol permitting,
labeling, and marketing requirements to protect consumers

Le FFA (Federal Alcohol Administration Act)
provides for
regulation of those engaged in the alcohol beverage industry,
and for protection of consumers.


Main regulation characteristics 

The International Affairs Division (IAD) 
serves a key role in educating foreign governments 
about the unique mission and structure of TTB
and facilitating the import/export trade in beverage
and industrial alcohol. 
IAD coordinates briefings and other liaison activities for the foreign 
alcohol and tobacco industry members and foreign government officials.
Alcohol Beverage Authorities: Directory of offices in the united states.
(October 2, 2015)

USA Sales taxes of wine (21st February 2014)

States tax rates on wine (January 1, 2015)