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transport verrerie

International Transport of personal effects

Transport of unaccompanied personal belongings requires full control of risks at various levels: competitiveness of transport modes, delivery schedules, protection of the goods, regulations in the destination countries, protection and preparation of goods (especially when motor vehicles are being transported).


Appropriate transport modes



By sea :

• Shipping in Roll-on Roll-off mode, if the destination allows for it

• Shipping in containers
• Grouping with other personal belongings

By air :

• Although maritime transport is often more suitable, we will be happy to propose air transport solutions upon request.


  Services :

• On-site vehicle pickup and preparation

• Pre-packing
• Stuffing

• Import and export paperwork

• Compliance

• Shipping

Type of goods shipped :

• Motor-vehicles for industry

• Vehicles for professionals (exhibitions, trade shows, race participation, etc.) as well as for individuals • Transport services for the expatriate employees of companies.

  Customized services :

• Strategical advices in order to provide a high added value transport solution as part as your business strategy (sell and buy strategy, transport organization and follow-up)

• E-tracking : tracking and tracing of your shipments on line :




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Vehicle Export POA ( this document must be filled out , signed and notarized by the owner of the vehicle, the Consignee, if a Company, the person must be the same as the person who sign the Company Letter)

• Company Letter ( if the Consignee for the vehicle is a Company, this letter must be filled out, signed and notarized by a Representative of the Company )

• TMT Export POA ( giving us the authorization to process the export with US Customs)

Written Authorization ( if the service is requested and paid by the Consignee).

Shipper Letter of Instructions.( must be completed by the Customer with all the information for the shipment)

• The person signing both documents above ( Vehicle Export POA and Company Letter, must send to us a copy of a picture ID valid).

• We need to receive the Original Title signed by the Shipper ( Seller) and already endorsed to the Consignee ( buyer and new owner).

• We also need to received copy of the Original Bill of Sale with all the information required, Shipper, Consignee, and the amount that was paid for the vehicle, all the information needs to be “ typewritten” , NOT handwritten.

• Once the vehicle has been delivered to the Port, the Customer needs to send to of copy of the Original Dock Receipt, as proof of delivery.

• Please also see attached, copy of the last updated information and a Seminar Presentation we have from US Customs for Export Vehicles.