TMT USA : 3 locations : Boston - Houston - Miami



TMT France becomes AEO

Opening a new Warehouse in Le Havre France
 Implementing Warehouse Management System





VINEXPO Bordeaux, France
from 2019-05-13 to 2019-05-16


PPI Transport Symposium 23 Tarragone, Spain
from 2019-09-16 to 2019-09-18




Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax

Reform Act of 2017 (CBMA) Webinar
April 2019


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Custom's broker

Secure your operations by simplifying and speeding up customs clearance procedures for your goods in order to reduce storage, loading and unloading times.







A platform for centralised
customs clearance procedures

Our specialised platform in Houston TX 
manages all airport customs formalities.

It also keeps a watch on the international
customs regulations.








• GPL - Power of Attorney Instructions - Download

• U.S. Customs & Border Protection Forms - Click Here


• FDA Form Click Here


Most requested :


• Affidavit of Manufacturer – document TMT to product


• CF-4455 Certificate of Registration - Download


• EPA 3520-01 Importation of Motor Vehicles - Download


• EPA 3520-21 Importation of Non-Road Engines - Download


• DOT HS7 - Download


• FCC 740 - Download


• FD2877- Download


• Instructions for Completion - Click Here


• NAFTA Certificate of Origin - Download


• NAFTA Certificate of Origin Continuation Sheet- Download


• PAPS Request Cover Sheet – document TMT to product


• Pro Forma Invoice – document TMT to product


• TSCA Import Export Requirements Click Here



Legal Publications

• U.S. Customs Regulation - Click Here


• U.S. Customs Informed Compliance Publications Click Here


• Code of Federal Regulations Click Here


• Harmonized Tariff Schedule Click Here


• Federal Register Click Here




• Textile Status Report for Absolute Quotas - Click Here


• Textile Labeling Rules Click Here



U.S. Government Agencies

• Automated Commercial System - Click Here


• Census BureauClick Here


• Consumer Product Safety Click Here


• Department of Agriculture Click Here


• Department of Commerce Click Here


• Department of Homeland Security - Click Here


• Department of StateClick Here


• Department of Transportation Click Here


• Environmental Protection Agency Click Here


• Federal Maritime Commission Click Here


• Federal Trade Commission Click Here


• Fish and Wildlife Service Click Here


• Food and Drug Administration Click Here


          - FDA Product Code Builder - Click Here


• International Trade CommissionClick Here


• National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Click Here


• Office of Textiles and ApparelClick Here


• U.S. Trade Representative Home Page Click Here






• CBP — U.S. Customs General Information - Click Here


• DOT – U.S. Department of Transportation :


          - General DOT Information - Click Here


          - Vehicle Import Regulations Click Here


• EPA — U.S. Environmental Safety Administration - Click Here


• VIN Info Click Here


• EPA 3520-01 Importation of Motor Vehicles - Download


• DOT HS7 Download




Wine and Spirits

• Requirements for importing alcohol for personal use - Click Here