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TMT France becomes AEO

Opening a new Warehouse in Le Havre France
 Implementing Warehouse Management System





VINEXPO Bordeaux, France
from 2019-05-13 to 2019-05-16


PPI Transport Symposium 23 Tarragone, Spain
from 2019-09-16 to 2019-09-18




Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax

Reform Act of 2017 (CBMA) Webinar
April 2019


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International transport of agri-food products

Whether it is transport by air or sea or intermodal transport, TMT ensures the delivery of your products 
in excellent safety conditions : compliance with international food and health standards, protection of
products and packaging ... 

We have industry expertise and know-how that allow us to be recognised among the players in the agri-food industry.

All modes of transport, storage
and packaging:

• Reefer transport under controlled
  temperature (positive & négative)
• Padding of shipping containers
• Transshipment of grains and malt
   from sprayer tank into an
   ISO 20’ container and back
• Transshipment from tanker
   into flexitank container of all
   non-hazardous liquidfood, and back
• Packaging insulated to withstand
   temperature variations and the risk
   of contamination.
• 3D Warehouses (disinfection - disinfestation-
   deratting) for dry products 
• Packaging adapted to transport
   your products directly in your
   original packaging 
• Installation of reusable or non-reusable
  temperature gauge


All types of agri-food products:

• Packaging and transport complying with international
   health standards for the transport of frozen products,
   fresh products (fruits and vegetables),chocolates and
   confectionery, milk-type liquids, wines & alcohol, etc.

+ Comprehensive services
   and effective quality monitoring :

• Strategic advice in order to make transportation
  an added value as part of your sales strategy
  (sales and purchase strategy, transport organisation,
  monitoring and traceability)
• Quality and compliance inspection before shipping
  depending on your initial specifications and during
  import as per your customised checklist
• Document monitoring, customs, phytosanitary
  and veterinary control, restoration products
• E-tracking : track your shipments on our website:

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