Given the increase in our logistics needs & the concentration of goods on the same services and same vessels, we made the decision to equip ourselves with a BoxLoader allowing containers to be heavy handled and grounded, therefore giving access to all types of platforms.

We also remain flexible as a response to the reduction in free time provided by shipping lines.
This specific investment will be available to our teams by the last quarter of 2020.




Regardless of this year’s events, we have not stopped our development!

Small notes on TMT’s evolving sites:

- Continues to develop with the project of setting up of its own warehouse in Houston for 2021.

- Strengthening of the teams with recruitment of employees at the commercial and operational level.

• TMT France:
- Filing of building permits for the extension of a double pot warehouse of 1355 m2, meeting the storage needs of sensitive products and the growth of wine & spirits needs. .

TMT Belgium:
- In line with our 2020 increase in storage capacities and with 2021 just on the horizon, we continue with growth in order to better respond to the increase in global demand.

entrepôt houston



• A complaint has been made by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) with the FMC regarding container chassis charges.

• Adoption by the European Parliament of the 2020 mobility package, the first measures of which will come into effect on June 2022.

MARITIME: Sharp increase in freight rates on the transpacific lines and in general on all trades with blank-sailing announced in the following months

Europeans are no longer popular !
Now that freight is approaching $5,000 on the transpacific, all shipping lines have their eyes fixated on this line with average transit time of 15 days (less than 30 return days, when it takes more than 40 to reach Shanghai from Europe).
They even plan to return empty boxes from Europe to meet the demand for equipment on the trans pacific.

New challenges to face !
In view of the behavior of the shipping lines, the Chinese Ministry of Transport has sent letters to the main shipping lines asking for an explanation in the recent spike in rates and decrease in available space.
The same goes for CLECAT , (European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services) which asked that Europe investigate shipping companies with regard to this type of practice (increase in rates, reduction in space).
For more information, please visit:

AIR: With this sector being the most affected by current event, the outlook remains unclear despite the resumption of services on a few rare lines. We therefore, like many companies, still resort to partial unemployment.




It has made sense to have rigorous sanitary standards in place at TMT. Employees remain attentive to their health and that of others and the flexibility of our processes have enabled their pursuit of dense activity.

We also announced in the previous Newsletter the implementation of Microsoft Teams which is now operational and helping facilitate the communication between customers, partners and employees.

Precautions require us to continue telecommuting, rotating among teams whose positions allows.

Microsoft team



video de la présidente

Good day to everyone,

First and foremost, on behalf of the entire TMT team, we’d like to say thank you ! More and more of you are following our news and developments in our business sector via these Newsletters.
Hope that you all have been able to take advantage of the summer vacation to rest, reconnect with your loved ones, and offer yourself a moment of serenity in the middle of a very special year.
2020 was supposed to be full of festivities at TMT. We wanted to bring together our customers, partners and employees to celebrate 30 years of a magnificent human and entrepreneurial adventure.
Unfortunately, current events and health measures have impeded this.
However, as you have read on our previous Newsletter we have adapted to the current situation. Our experience and your confidence in us has allow us to pursue our efforts and development through various investment projects at each TMT location.
For this 30th year, we have decided to make an anniversary video which we will share very soon on our website and social networks.
Until then, I sincerely wish you a safe return to work, positivity and above all, good health.

See you soon with a new TMT Newsletter!



•TMT is a freight forwarder operating all modes of transports (Sea, Air, Road, Rail) combined, customs and logistics.

•TMT is present in France (headquarter and agencies) and has a subsidiary in Blegium (Antwerpen), In China (Shanghaï) and three locations in the United States (Houston, Miami, Nashua) as well as a network of agents.

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